With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and subsequent hospital experience as a staff nurse, I assure you that I can write professional quality articles on health and medicine topics.

As for my finance experience, I'm a staff writer for a startup company focusing on delivering business and finance news to investors. I myself invest in a number of investment vehicles, including the stock market, so I'm experienced and well-read on the topic.

I've taken units for my MFA in Creative Writing, so I don't shy away from topics on literature and humanities.

All in all, I have more than seven years of experience as a freelance writer for a hodgepodge of topics, including but not limited to tech, law, gaming, B2B, entertainment, HR, careers, fitness, nutrition, addiction, and academic writing.


As a freelance writer for more than eight years, I have written quite a number of articles for various sites and blogs. Check out my portfolio on the following sites:


Having signed up for Article Bunny in 2015, I have written over 70 articles for the writing agency. The content ranges from short blog post and listicles to more comprehensive case studies and white papers.


The Talko is a lifestyle hub for everything that has to do with the modern woman. Topics include love, sex, fitness, fashion, and Hollywood gossip.


Tworista.com is a personal travel site that my partner and I created to document our trips. I write all the articles, while my partner is in charge of the photos.


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